Lil Snupe’s Suspected Killer Edrick Stewart Speaks Out For The First Time In A New Interview

It was on June 20th of 2013 when Louisiana rising star and Dream Chasers signee Lil Snupe was murdered. There was multiple reasons circulating to why the rap star was killed from shooting dice, a bet over a video game, or a simple argument that got out of hand.

A man by the name of Tony Holden would turn himself in to authorities shortly after Snupe’s murder. Holden would be charged with first-degree murder, armed robbery and illegal possession of a firearm by a convicted felon. After an autopsy was done police would find out that Holden did not murder Snupe due to the bullets in his gun that was turned in didn’t match the bullets of the shots fired that murdered the rap star. Though, another man would be arrested by authorities in connection to Snupe’s murder, this man would be Snupe’s close friend Edrick Stewart.

Stewart has maintained his innocence and claimed he was trying to help Snupe when the incident occurred. Although, back in 2016 Snupe’s mother stated in a interview with XXL that it was conclusive that Stewart’s bullet was the bullet that killed the rapper charges were dropped against the suspect and nobody was ever charged with the murder of Lil Snupe.

Snupe’s mother would conduct another interview back in May of 2017 with Break The Bank TV talking about the rapper’s up and coming documentary. She would also still stand by Edrick Stewart being Snupe’s murderer. Now Stewart has surfaced to deliver a interview of his own with Break The Bank TV still proclaiming his innocence and telling his side of the story, check it out below: