Listen To French Montana’s Version Of “That Bag” Feat. Ziico Niico

French Montana’s Jungle Rules released tonight and included 18 new tracks from the Coke Boyz rapper. A standout tune from the project that’s creating a lot of talk is the highly anticipated A Lie track which featured The Weeknd & Max B. Though, this isn’t the only track amongst New Yorkers that’s shaking the city up. As revealed when the tracklist was released Montana also worked out a deal with Ziico Niico’s camp to own the rights to the underground hit That Bag.

The original track & visual had reached over 700,000 plays on YouTube before it was taken down due to it being rereleased on French’s Jungle Rules album. Ziico Niico’s reputation is well respected on the streets of New York not only in the studio but in the streets. In 2016 NY police conducted the largest gang bust in New York history arresting 120 Bronx gang members. One of these arrest would be Ziico Niico who police are calling the ring leader of the BMB street gang.

Though, he’s currently locked down that’s not stopping the young Bronx rapper from making major moves behind bars securing a spot on the album of one of New York’s biggest acts. Check out French Montana’s version of Ziico Niico’s That Bag below: