Louis B’s “1991” Album Review

There is a definitely a new WAV of rap music that has slowly taken over. Organic melodies are becoming the new four syllable rhymes. Listeners are less interested in hearing crazy rhymes and more interested in unique cadences. Louis B is a Chicago based upcoming rapper that is bringing this new melodic rap style to the masses.

Louis B just dropped off his new album titled 1991. It was released under his self ran label LouisBoyz Ent. which is an imprint of fellow Chicagoan King Louie’s Mubu Gang. Complete with 14 tracks, 1991 is a roller coaster of emotion surely to get you in your feels. The production on the album is also something to highlight. The entire album was produced by Banks The Genius (with the exception of Lost Me (which was a collaboration of Banks and CBMIX). When you have an entire album produced by one person, it can either make the album or break the album. The album will either consistently be great or consistently be bad. In this case, Louis B and Banks The Genius knew exactly what sound they were going for, and they nailed it. The WAVy production mixed with Louis B’s vocals, made for a consistently strong album.

This album was very personal to Louis B. It came very easy to him because he really spoke from within. It took the first three weeks of February to get all the writing and production completed for 1991. Recording began late February and was completed by the first week of March. Great albums can be made quickly when you don’t have to search for topics to speak about. Struggling with the law, battling sobriety, ending relationships, and losing people that were close to him, Louis knew what he needed to say on this album.

As personal as this is, features weren’t needed on this project. When DatWAV reached out to Louis B about the album, he had this to say, “This album was my first album without Smylez around and I just started opening up more and focusing less on the drugs and hoes and started to try to connect with people. I ain’t get any features on it because it’s my own style. I don’t think anyone could actually do what I did on it or even reach the depths I wanted to go. I kept it personal and my own.”

The single on the album is titled Otherside. It has a really nice rock style vibe and great meaning behind it. Remember Me is another meaningful track that people will really relate to. The DatWAV favorite is the album opener titled Lost Me.

Louis B’s consistency in releasing music has never fallen off. Expect some big names like Travi$ Scott, Young Thug, and King Louie on his next project, which will be a the second installment of his Neon Rain series.

Be sure to check Louis B’s 1991 album today.

-Written By Buzz B-