Lud Foe Arrested After Allegedly Beating Pregnant Girlfriend And Her Mother

Chicago rapper Lud Foe was arrested at his home Thursday morning following a domestic dispute with his girlfriend. The Joliet Police department reports that Lud Foe is accused of allegedly beating his pregnant girlfriend and her mother.

Lud Foe born Willie J. Akins was arrested and transported to William County on Thursday though, he was released on $5000 bond Friday morning.

The altercation occurred Thursday morning around 9 o’ clock in the morning. The 24 year old’s girlfriend who is 6 months pregnant is accusing Lud Foe of slapping her and throwing her off the bed following an argument. The girlfriends’ mother who was also in the home tried to intervene and Lud Foe allegedly attacked her also. She claims she went to call the police and Lud Foe yanked the phone cord out of the wall and she was forced to alert the authorities by pushing the homes’ alarm systems panic button.

Lud Foe faces three criminal charges of domestic battery.

– Written By Santana Dinero –

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