Mac Miller “The Divine Feminine” Album Stream & Review


Mac Miller’s fourth studio album dropped yesterday. After the Most Dope Rapper’s deal with Warner Bros was announced, fans were eager to hear the new music. Mac Miller will have released GO:OD AM exactly one year ago to date, tomorrow. If you liked that album, The Divine Feminine will not disappoint. The album features Anderson .Paak, Ty Dolla $ign, Ceelo Green, and more. Ariana Grande also has a feature on the album single titled My Favorite Part. She was just on the “Ellen Degeneres Show” and confirmed that her and Mac were dating. The song epitomizes the message of the album, love.

Another much anticipated feature came from Kendrick Lamar. He lent his vocals to close the album out on the tenth and final track. The track is titled God Is Fair, Sexy Nasty.

“Sexy, nasty, have no guideline/One day, four times/You don’t mind that I don’t care (pleasure, pleasure…)/Your divinity has turned me into a sinner/God is fair /Pleasure, pleasure,” is the chorus they sing together.

Mac Miller was promoting his album prior to release and sat down with Zane Lowe, Beats 1 Radio Host, to speak specifically about the collab with K. Dot.

“We created something, which is my favorite thing because all these artists have their own creative minds and planets that they work on and you gotta create something new together for me. I don’t want to go do a song with Kendrick and then go make a Kendrick song,” said Mac. He said the creative process with Kendrick was a journey, for the lack of a better term.

“It sounds like being in the ocean, relaxing, calm, floating and just like there and comfortable in your thoughts, and that’s how the record ends, which is so awesome,” Mac elaborated.

It’s obvious Mac Miller has really grown as an artist with a very mature and cool attitude. He’s become very comfortable with his vocals as well. Being that Mac is also a phenomenal producer (Larry Fisherman), its safe to say his beat selection is top shelf. It’s a must listen and a nice break from the trap music takeover. Stream Mac Miller’s The Divine Feminine below & purchase on iTunes today: