Man Who Assisted In Killing Tupac Shakur Says Drake Is A Bigger Artist Than Tupac

Compton Crip, Keffe D, is the uncle of Orlando Anderson, who’s the alleged murderer of Tupac Shakur. He was also present in the car the night Shakur was murdered after stomping out Anderson at the MGM Grand Hotel & Casino.

Recently Keffe sat down with VladTV and spoke on the alleged murder to promote his new book Compton Street Legend: Notorious Keffe D’s Street Level Accounts Of Tupac and Biggie Murders, Death Row Origins, Suge Knight, Puffy  Combs, and Crooked Cops (lengthy title, we know). During the interview Vlad would bring up the topic of Tupac being the biggest artist of all time. Keffe D would respond, “Of all time? That boy Drake hard right now. Drake is hard than a motherf*cker.” When Vlad would object stating that Drake doesn’t have a social message in comparison to Tupac, Keffe would state, “But that motherf*cker he hard. You got to give him his props. He’s a selling motherf*cker. He sings and raps. He hard to be a pretty boy like that. I got him as #1.”

Check out the clip below: