Man Busted By The Cops After Leaving 2 Pounds Of Weed In Uber Ride

A Pennsylvania man in currently in custody after making a very careless mistake. Malik Mollet reportedly mistakenly left two pounds of  high grade weed in his Uber ride traveling near Pittsburgh.

Mollet would leave out of the Uber vehicle when the owner would discover he left a bag behind. The man would discover two pounds of weed. According to Pennsylvania State Trooper, Steve Limani, Mollet would contact Uber through email and would ask them to return the bag.

By the time Mollet would discover he left his bag behind the Uber driver had already contacted police and informed them of what was in the stash. Undercover officers would contact Mollet posing as the Uber driver and sending him a picture ensuring the bag was his. When Mollet arrived to the pick up location he would be given the bag by an undercover and arrested by other officers. He is now being held on a $150,000 bail.