Man Gets On Instagram Live And Confesses To Killing Meek Mill Affiliate Chiko Juan

On December 13th of 2018 Meek Mill took to Instagram to announce the passing of his friend and close affiliate – Chiko Juan.

The young man was killed in a shooting that occurred in a South Fulton, GA apartment complex, west of Atlanta. Chiko Juan was left dead on the scene and two other men were wounded. At the time of the killing authorities concluded that the group of men had gotten into a fight prior to the shooting. Though, in a shocking fashion, the man claiming to be the gunman who killed Chiko Juan has came out on Instagram Live to give the full story of what really occurred the night of the killing.

A man by the name of TY Muzik would get on his Instagram Live and tell a 13 minute story of what happened prior to killing the Meek Mill affiliate. According to TY Muzik the two were chilling with a mutual friend when Juan jumped up and said, “It’s bad voodoo in the air,” and proceeded to start shooting at everyone in the room of the apartment complex. Showing bullet wounds, TY Muzik, would state he was hit four times. The man claims he ‘played dead’ when Juan approached him and as he walked up he would return fire. These shots would leave Chiko Juan dead after a strange turn of events.

Check out Part 1 & Part 2 to the murder confession below: