How Many Songs You Own? A LOT: 21 Savage Reveals He Owns %100 Of The Masters To His Music

Chris Brown recently signed a historic deal with RCA Records which made him one of the youngest artist to own any of their master recordings. Brown’s forthcoming album Indigo will be the first album released under the singer’s new deal.

RCA Records released a statement on Brown’s new record deal stating, “This new deal structure between Brown and RCA Records, will undoubtedly enhance the release of new Chris Brown music, content, and much more throughout 2019 and beyond.”

Now shortly after the reveal of Brown’s new record deal I Am > I Was rapper 21 Savage took to the internet to claim he also owns his masters. “I own %100 of my masters,” Savage would tweet out on Twitter. The 26-year-old rapper currently has the #1 album in the country so if he does own his own masters he’s raking in the cash and a lot of it.