We May Have Seen The Last Of Joe Budden On “Everyday Struggle”

Everyday Struggle by Complex is currently in a rocky situation with their firecracker element, Joe Budden, hinting at being done with the online web series.

Budden has been replaced by DJ Whoo Kid for the last two episodes of the show. Whoo Kid would take to Twitter to inform fans that the former Slaughter House rapper was on paternity leave after having his new born son by his girlfriend, Cyn Santana. Budden would chime in replying to DJ Whoo Kid on Twitter correcting the Serious XM DJ and informing fans that he was not on paternity leave and his contract was up with Complex.

Many fans of the web series have responded in disappointment of Budden’s absence with comments via Twitter and a mass increase of thumb downs on the show’s YouTube channel. Could this possibly be the end of Everday Struggle?