Meek Mill Claims That Nicki Minaj Is Paying Blogsites Under The Table

Meek Mill is at it again with his exposing tactics. The victim in Meek Mill’s crosshairs this time around is Karen Civil & Nicki Minaj. Earlier on Instagram Meek dropped a bomb claiming she was the reason that he was getting bad press as of late. Meek Mill stated that Nicki Minaj has blogs such as Karen Civil’s & Baller Alert on payroll and pays them to make bad press about him.

He would write, “Y’all bum ass Internet hoes being paid by Nicki lol to try to discredit my name. By the way Karen I got the tapes of ya corny ass saying Nicki paying ya corny ass Nicki paying y’all for this geek shit…after all I did for ya nut ass y’all sold y’all souls for a few bands. Why y’all don’t post about that man molesting that lil girl? Oh I forgot y’all on payroll.”

Check out the post below: