Meet Dough From Da Go: The Man Behind The Chicago Based Stack Or Starve Movement


You may have heard the term Stack Or Starve on plenty of songs from Chicago’s Drill Music scene. You may have heard a few rumors about a highly anticipated LP coming out entitled Mineral Water featuring a variety of artist from Chicago. Set to drop in 2017 Mineral Water features a new roster of artist from singers to rappers. Not the typical ones you would see on the Drill Music scene.

After watching a series of trailers it seems to me that Mineral Water is going to be exactly what it sounds like, the one thing everybody needs. With so much gun smoke on Chicago’s music scene Mineral Water is a breath of fresh air.

Chicago’s Music scene doesn’t seem to have much of a variety, seems like your either Chief Keef or Kanye West. Though, Chicago has so much more to offer and one man is going to be responsible for branding both movements.

Dough From Da Go seems to have his hand in some of everything right now. From the Stack or Starve movement to his clothing line Bag Language, Dough has done a lot for the music scene in Chicago. So much that it landed him a job with Def Jam in marketing.  The Stack Or Starve brand broke most of the major artist from Chicago today. In case you didn’t know the brand consist of an army of DJ’s from Chicago, ranging from DJ Shon to DJ Honorz, most Chicago DJ’s are affiliated with this movement.

Although we don’t know the names of the new artist that Dough is breaking on the Mineral Water project we can tell this is going to be epic. Unlike the Drill Music sound we all have heard this seems to be more in the Hip Hop lane. Something smooth, but edgy with vocals and bars, this will be what Chicago needs, Mineral Water.

We recently sat down with Dough for a quick interview about his up & coming project & the Stack Or Starve movement, check out what he had to say below:

Q: How did the Stack Or Starve movement come about?

A: Stack Or Starve came about by just being innovative and starting a movement the streets can relate to. We made history with that brand, I’m in the process of signing 5 new young hungry Dj’s to the roster and plan on reinventing with a lot of new things for it like the mobile app, website and mix shows, as well as some exclusive projects.

Q: We hear there is a new movement you have called Bag Language? Can you talk about that?

A: Bag Language, that is my new clothing brand and we are excited on its come up. We are moving in the right direction and plan on making a heavy launch very soon. Visit:

Q:  What is your role with Def Jam?

A: Lifestyle Marketing, Street Promotions & Mixshow. Shout out to Def Jam Recordings.

Q:  What’s going on with the Mineral Water project?

A: It’s close to being done, just some behind the scenes business I’m handling like additional features, sample clearances, marketing budgets, rollout and all around set up. I’m extremely proud of the music and the artists and producers who all participated. This is going to be a very dope project release and I’m absolutely sure the fans of real authentic hip hop are going to agree.

Q: What does the Mineral Water project mean to you?

A: To me, Mineral Water is poetic, lyrical, musical, pure, refreshing, abstract, luxurious, heart felt, conscious, free, feel good and anything else that represents the culture in the best form.

Q: What can we expect next?

A: 2017 is the year of Leveling Up, a lot of betting on myself, still working with brands and building, but this year I’m doing the unthinkable. The Mineral Water album, visuals for every record on it, a live band release party, tour, a book I’m currently writing called The Color Green, we’re going to shoot a few dope short films and we’re going to take things to the next level with more music projects dropping under the Mineral Water brand as well. Everything I touch this year will make an impact.

– Interview & Article Written by DBoy –

Check out trailers for Mineral Water below: