Meet Lil Pop – Stone Cold Murderer & Original Lead Singer Of Def Jam’s “Junkyard Band”

In 1986 Def Jam signed a 8 member Go-Go band out of Washington D.C. who went by the name of the Junkyard Band. Rick Ruban would produce their biggest track Sardines which appeared in Run DMC’s Tougher Than Leather movie. The members of the Go-Go group would all range from 8 to 15 and all come from D.C.’s Barry Farm Government Housing Project.

The orinigal lead singer of the group was 15 year old street legend Lil Pop aka Shorty Pop. Lil Pop is said to be who introduced Alpo to D.C. hitman Wayne Perry. Pop was placed on D.C.’s Most Wanted Fugitive List in 1989 for being involved with the connection of 3 murders. One of the three murders being a popular D.C. drug dealer who went by the name Blake. Lil Pop was murdered in 1990 when standing outside of a D.C. club The Classics. It is rumored that the slaying of Lil Pop was in retaliation for the killing of Blake.

If you watch the video below which is a clip from Tougher Than Leather you will see Lil Pop aka Shorty Pop in red at 3:45

Check out the Junkyard Band’s most popular track below titled Sardines: