Sensational Sundays: Meet Nyx Bastet, The 2017 Ms. Parker That Has The Internet Going Crazy (Video)

There’s a nation wide search going on for a MILF by the name of Nyx Bastet. Several videos of the stallion have surfaced online via social media and forums such as The Coli & Boxden. It is said that Bastet use to go by the Instagram name @sensualenergydivine though there is no longer no trace of her on social media, only left over video clips via YouTube & Tumblr. It’s said that the 2017 Ms. Parker is a Florida resident which isn’t farfetched, just look at Ruby Red Grapefruits behind her. If anybody knows the where abouts of this woman please have them call 1-800-ALLT-AZZ, once again, that’s 1-800-ALLT-AZZ. Check out the infamous video clip that’s made the MILF go viral below: