MGK Explains Why He Dissed Eminem On ‘Rap Devil’

On Labor Day (September 3rd) MGK took the rap game and the Hip-Hop world by surprise and responded to Eminem’s diss on Kamikaze with Rap Devil. Obviously influenced by Eminem’s Rap God moniker; MGK played the adversary of the Detroit rapper taking shots at the rapper being up in age, being mad about MGK’s comments toward Hallie Mathers, even threatened to f*ck Eminem’s baby mother.

Now MGK has taken to Twitter to speak out on why he took the time to diss Eminem. He would tweet, “I’m standing up for not just myself, but my generation. I’m doing the same sh*t you did back in ur day. Life is still real on my side, and i had to take time from the grind to defend myself from someone I called an idol. Love, Rap Devil.”

Bizarre of D12, a close friend of Eminem, would respond to MGK’s diss track saying that, “I think it was good. This is the best I ever heard Mr. Kelly ever rap in his life. I think he stayed up all night wrote the best possible bars, he possibly could, and I think it’s good for Hip-Hop. But boy – the repercussions. That boy gone do you something nasty.”

Check out the clip below: