Migos The New Death Row: Rap Group Clash With Joe Budden & Chris Brown (Video)

Things got a little heated this Bet Awards weekend for QC artist Migos.

Joe Budden & DJ Akademiks would be interviewing the Atlanta rap group for an episode of Everyday Struggle when things would go left. Akademiks would state to Takeoff, “I feel like there’s a running joke with you being left off Bad & Boujee,” referring to the Migos member’s absence from their charting hit featuring Lil Uzi Vert. During the conversation Joe Budden would interrupt stating, “Alright we got to wrap this up though,” in which the Migos would in turn give Budden a cold stare and state, “Lets wrap it up then.”

Joe Budden would tell Akademiks, “Close it,” trying to get him to wrap up the conversation. Akademiks would state that Migos is one of his favorite groups, which if you’re a regular watcher of Everyday Struggle you’ll know is a pet peeve of Joe’s. This would cause Budden to get up and start to storm off before the interview was over which Migos would take as disrespect. There would soon after be friction between Joe and the group.

Migos also got into a confrontation with R&B singer Chris Brown back stage which a lot of people are guessing started from Quavo dating Karrueche Tran who is Brown’s long time ex-girlfriend.

Check out clips of both confrontations below: