Mooda (Grandson Of Infamous Kingpin Big Head Brother) Drops Off ‘Be Right There’ Music Video

You might know the city of Baltimore, Maryland for a few things The WireThe Baltimore Ravens, & Dru Hill. Today we’d like to introduce to you a new sensation coming out of Mobtown that you can expect to hear a lot from in 2018, an artist by the name of Mooda aka Mooda Comin Up. After dropping off his Comin Up 3 project he’s now delivering a music video for the Cormil-produced tune Be Right There.

The young rapper comes from a very authentic background being the grandson of infamous Baltimore Kingpin – Big Head Brother Carter, who ran with another popular drug dealer, Frank Lucas. It is estimated that Carter who’s birth name is James Wesley Carter provided %80 of the heroin in Baltimore during the height of his run in the 60s. He’s one of the figure heads that inspired the popular series The Wire. Now his grandson Mooda is carrying the torch in another field, the world of Hip-Hop, and he’s a Baltimore artist you should keep an eye out for.