Mozzy Calls It Quits For Lean: They Say Health Is Wealth, I Need My Bag

2018 is starting to look like the year of sobriety. Smokepurrp recently called it quits for Xanax and Riff Raff decided to put down cocaine due to distributors cutting the drug with Fentanyl. Now Sacramento front man, Mozzy, is joining the list of rappers deciding to ‘clean up’ their act, quitting lean.

The 30-year-old rapper took to Instagram with a video clip to reveal to fans that he had made a conscious decision to put down the use of Promethazine & Codeine and retire his infamous double cup. “We legitimate, it’s been like 10-12 days or some sh*t,” Mozzy would reveal. “It’s been hard to kick that sh*t I ain’t gone lie. We still bricked up though I had a couple of bricks in the closet,” he would continue to say as he peeled the seal off bottle of syrup.

Mozzy would go on to pour the blood colored drug on the ground and state, “Any young n*gga doing that sh*t, this should influence you to stop. If it don’t drink a lot of water at the minimum. F*ck that cup. They say health is wealth, I need my bag.”

Check out the post below:

Sacramento #Mozzy says he's done with lean 💪🏿

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