Nadeska Alexis Finally Speaks Out On The Public Collapse Of “Everyday Struggle”

A little over a week ago Joe Budden revealed news that he would be leaving Complex‘s Everyday Struggle. Many would react in astonishment, including an emotional DJ Akademiks, in the departure of Budden during the height of the internet web show. Budden would take to his own podcast for a 40 minute dialogue (via Joe Budden Podcast) speaking on his grievances with the home of the web show which caused his sudden withdrawal.

Now Everyday Struggle‘s moderator, Nedeska Alexis, has broken her silence on the collapse of the web show via Twitter. She would take to her social media platform to state that she was ‘really f*cking hurt’. Nedeska would refer to Everyday Struggle as the ‘little dysfunctional family’ that she wanted to make work for 2018.

She also respond to Budden’s comments about her being involved in a ‘boys club’ at Complex saying, “My mother always told me that being female and black would mean working twice as hard to get half the respect.” She would continue tweeting, “Mom’s math was half off. Working twice as hard, maybe gets you a quarter of respect. So.. until Elon Musk opens up a portal to an alternative universe here young black women are suddenly being embraced by any corporate “boys club”, please miss me with the bullsh*t.”