New York Drill Music: Jezz Gasoline’s “Big Opps America” Feat. Paparazzi Pop, Kj Balla, Elz Tay, & Ace NumbaFive (Music Video)

It was last year when New York rapper Jezz Gasoline released his controversial track + visual titled Big Opps. The track would catch fire online totaling in over 350,000 views but also catch flack due to Gasoline using fallen Chicago rapper JoJo for a punch line. Now Jezz Gasoline has returned along side a couple of other New York artist such as Paparazzi Pop (Lindin Projects), KJ Balla (Lindin Plaza Houses), Elz Tay (Bay View), and Ace NumbaFive (East New York) for the remix of Big Opps titled Big Opps America. Within the video the rappers taunt their adversaries by sending lyrical threats and disrespecting their dead homies. Watch the music video above for Big Opps America, directed by Flowtastic TV.