The Next WAV Presents: Chxpo

RBMG & BBE affiliated rapper, Chxpo, is undeniably one of the hardest working indie rappers in the industry. Regardless of anyone’s opinion about the Emo Savage’s music, dropping 20 mixtapes in one year is pretty impressive. The Westside Cleveland rapper made his debut to the game in 2014 with a track packaged with a music video titled Turn Down For What which would be the start to a rising career.

Along with his music Chxpo’s colorful personality catches the eye of many, which can be seen in his interview with No Jumper:

Success in the music industry, specifically the genre of rap, typically stems from either one of two things. For one, you have to have the ability to make hits. In other words, developing one song over a course of time in hopes that it catches viral levels. We’ve seen this trend with rappers like Post Malone and White Iverson, to Jidenna and Classic Man, all the way to current dance hits like Rolex by Ayo and Teo. And two, if song development isn’t your thing, you can always flood the game with your music.

Chxpo has obviously taken the route that involves flooding the game with music releasing over 200 songs in 2016. A simple google search with the correct spelling of his name will give you a plethora of music that almost seems unlimited. If you’re just now tuning in to Chxpo, you’ll have plenty of music to catch up with. It’s hard to deny success to someone that persistent with releasing music. If you’re a fan of anime, experimental rap music, indie visions, and wondering how these all can come together, check out Chxpo’s new mixtape Emo Savage, stream it below:

-Written By Buzz B-