Great New York Boobs: Nicki Minaj’s Nipples Popped Out Her Bra While In Paris

It was only a few days ago when Nicki Minaj showcased a outfit in Paris with one titty out that left jaws dropping. Still in Paris, today Nicki sported a black skirt and a black snakeskin bra with a fur coat. Though, Barbie would be shocked to find out her nipples had slipped out the top of her bra while paparazzi snapped pics.

The Daily Mail reported that Minaj seemed okay with the nipple slip and proceeded d to keep her composure in from of the paparazzi. She proceeded to take several pictures later that day at V Magazine‘s dinner which featured Pharrell Williams (and a lot of other people that DatWAV regular aren’t too familiar with), Gigi Hadid, Emily Ratajkowski, Mario Testino, and designer Karl Lagerfeld.

We have a shot of that titty for you below, check it out: