Nine Trey Bloods OG, Snow Billy, Details The Day Tekashi 69 Was ‘Jumped In’ Nine Trey Bloods

As a part of his deal with the government Tekashi 69 is preparing to take the stand against Aljermiah “Nuke” Mack and Anthony “Harv” Ellison. The men are both accused of being apart of the kidnapping and robbery of 6ix 9ine that occurred July of 2018.

The two men lawyers are prepared to argue that the kidnapping was a publicity stunt that was conducted to boost the hype and sales of Tekashi. According to TMZ the rapper is currently concerned about the safety of his family due to him having to testify.

Though, before taking the stand Tekashi 69 was the face of not only Trey Way but the New York based Bloods gang Nine Trey Gangsta. Many scratched their heads wondering was the rapper actually apart of the gang or was he just ‘portraying a gang member. Now information has come out from a New York OG, Snow Billy, via Info Minds confirming that Tekashi 69 was indeed an official member of Nine Trey.

Snow Billy would confirm Tekashi’s affiliation stating, “A lot of people don’t know about Tekashi 69. He’s an official member of Nine Trey Gangsta Billy Badazz Blood Set.” He would go on to describe how 6ix 9ine was put on with the gang stating, “The seventh day at the dog pound Tekashi got jumped in by 3 of the lil homies. We in the studio, one of the lil homies just came in and stole on him. They jumped him and that right there solidified his spot as being apart of the set.” Snow Billy would say that the Gummo rapper was beat on for around 29 seconds before it was stopped.

Check out the clip below: