NYPD Will Arrest Quavo of Migos On Charges In Jeweler Beat Down & Robbery

It was 4:30 a.m., the morning after the Grammys, when Quavo and another man from the Migos’ entourage was accused of beating down Eric The Jeweler. It is said that the altercation occurred after a argument of money owed to the jeweler by Offset of Migos though, Offset wasn’t involved in the said fight.

The jeweler would leave the club after getting a Migo molly whopping. He would be missing a $30,000 chain and report the incident as a robbery.

Now TMZ is reporting that NYPD says they have enough evident to arrest Quavo and it’s only a matter of time before they issue an arrest warrant. In New York if convicted on robbery charges you can expect to see any where from 2 to 25 years in jail. Lets hope Quavo gets up out this jam. Migos recently released their third studio album with Culture 2.

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