Oh Sh*t: Boosie Badazz Disses Dead Rival Nussie Badazz In New Music (Video)

Baton Rouge born rapper Boosie Badazz isn’t a guy that you want to ‘rap beef’ with. Though, the rapper did once upon a time have a rivalry with another Baton Rouge rapper by the name of Nussie. According to legend the beef would start when Nussie would release a mixtape by the name of Mr. Badazz taking one of Boosie’s album covers and editing himself onto the cover art. It is also said that there were some streets issues involved which just added fuel to the fire between the two artist.

In 2009 Nussie would be murdered in a late night shooting. The man charged for the murder of Nussie would be Boosie Badazz affiliate Michael “Marlo Mike” Louding. To make the situation even more eerie there’s a popular Boosie track titled Boss Man where Marlo Mike would rap, “Marlo Mike b*tch and I’m insane in the brain bust a n*gga ass when he f*ck with Badazz! Do it off the love I don’t need no green straight kill a n*gga I ain’t nothing but 15!”

Now in a new video that surfaced to the internet of Boosie Badazz previewing new music the Baton Rouge rapper is throwing shots at old rivals stating, “You remind me of a p*ssy name Nussie!” Yikes, check out the clip below: