Orlando Brown On DJ Vlad: “Fuck Vlad! All He Doing Is Exploiting Blacks And Keeping The Money” (Video)


It seems Orlando Brown isn’t too happy with VladTV owner DJ Vlad and recently had some words for the mixtape dj turned popular interviewer. Brown had recent interviews with Vlad which racked up millions of views on the VladTV channel. When speaking out about his issue with Vlad, Brown would state, “Man that nigga a Mason he don’t even want to pay me, fuck him my nigga!” Brown would go on to say, “When I see you I’ma knock yo ass out! You wanna know why nigga? Because you done made hella money off me nigga that’s why! You supposed to split that shit nigga!”

Orlando Brown would continue to go on his rant about Vlad saying he exploit African Americans and keeps all the money. He would conclude by saying that Vlad will pay him because – he’s not crazy. Watch the video clip below: