Peewee Longway Announces His Retirement From The Rap Game

Quincy Lamont Williams better known as Peewee Longway arrived on the scene in 2013 as a new signee to 1017 Records right before the 2013-2016 imprisonment of Gucci Mane. The Blue M&M rapper would quickly become one of Atlanta’s next rising stars with tracks such as Loaded featuring Young Thug, Sneakin n Geekin, and Servin Lean featuring A$AP Rocky. In a 2016 interview with Billboard icon LL Cool J would reveal he was a fan of Longway stating, “I just came along some of his music and I felt like I was hanging out with him. When you watch his videos, you feel like you’re there. I just liked it. He’s a cool artist.” His latest release Spaghetti Factory, a collaboration with producer Spaghetti J, would receive a great response.

Though, now we’re sad to say that the buzzing Atlanta rapper is calling it quits indefinitely from the rap game. Longway would take to Twitter to say, “The sh*t I go through trying to be successful is a bit too much and all I do is try to stay strong but I can’t cause the person close to me hate me with all her heart for no reason so today I’m saying this to say no more longway thancs and love ya’ll for everything.” Check out the post below: