People Are Furious That 2 Chainz’ “Pink Trap House” In Atlanta Was Damaged

In connection to 2 Chainz Pretty Girls Like Trap Music album the T.R.U. rapper constructed a pink house, which serves as a art piece, located on Howell Mill Road in Atlanta known as the Pink Trap House. The house recently became at tourist attraction drawing in hundreds who’ve explored the house and taken pictures for social media. The ‘trap house’ started to bring in so many visitors that surrounding businesses were angry because the scenery has no parking spaces leaving spectators to park at the businesses.

A member of 2 Chainz’ management team stated that the house is rented through July 6th but it may be extended due to the house being a big hit. Though, there seems to be a problem at the pink house with the pink car that is apart of the tourist attraction being destroyed.

A Twitter user would take to the social media to post a picture of the damaged car with the caption, “R.I.P. to the pink car at Trap House Atlanta… It’s been a good 10 days.” People would respond with comments and memes which can be viewed below: