Pistol Pete Describes Saving Biggie From Being Jumped By Wu-Tang Clan

Throughout the years Hip-Hop has had its fair share of feared figures. A few even managed to put their stamp on the game without touching the mic, Pistol Pete is one of those figures.

The Terror Squad affiliate recently sat down with Premium Pete for an episode of The Premium Pete Show. During his appearance on the show, he spoke on various subjects such as doing time on Rikers Island, beefing with 50 Cent, building a relationship with Fat Joe, and more. Pistol would also drop a bombshell of a story when he spoke on saving Biggie Smalls from being jumped by Wu-Tang Clan.

Pistol would lead into the story explaining that he had a relationship with Biggie’s right-hand man D-Roc through doing jail time together. The two would run into each other in the club and D-Roc would explain that he need some back up because of Wu-Tang Clan being in attendance also and they were trying to ‘front on Biggie’. Pistol would describe Wu-Tang Clan being in the club with nearly 100 people. Pistol stated that Biggie didn’t show any fear in the situation, asking the Brooklyn rapper, “What you wanna do?” Biggie would respond, “Lets chill right here.” Pistol would give Biggie confirmation that he was good and if there were any problems he had a crew of guys with him ‘ready to cut’.

Check out the clip below along with Pistol Pete’s full Premium Pete Show episode: