Pittsburgh Policeman In Trouble After Celebrating The Death Of Jimmy Wopo

Up and coming Pittsburgh rapper, Jimmy Wopo, was murdered in his hometown on the same day Hip-Hop lost another young thriving artist, XXXTentacion. It would be revealed by Wiz Khalifa that the 20-year-old rap star was preparing to sign to the Pittsburgh grown Taylor Gang brand before his passing.

While many are mourning the death of Wopo, a Pittsburgh police officer is in hot water for doing the complete opposite. According to CBS Pittsburgh Officer Brian Martin posted a comment to Facebook celebrating the death of the rapper. When someone made a comment on the social media platform saying it seemed like the rapper’s death had been forgotten he would respond, “Not me. I’m still celebrating.”

Martin has since been put on desk duty for his comments. The Pittsburgh police department are currently investigating the comments. The issued as statement on the situation stating, “comments that disparage victims and endanger the community and fellow officers will not be tolerated.”

Jimmy Wopo’s viewing will be open to the public and will take place on Wednesday evening, June 27, 2018. The event will be open to the public so fans are welcomed to pay their final respects.