Pop Culture: Creator Of Hey Arnold Reveals That Arnold’s Teacher Mr. Simmons Was Gay

For all the 90s Babies this holiday weekend was the premiere of Hey Arnold: The Jungle Movie. In this new Nickelodeon film, the station brought back the cartoon to finally uncover the 20 year mystery of what happened to Arnold’s parents. Arnold would find out his parents were actually ill with a sleeping sickness and they were sleeping in San Lorenzo (a fictional Central American country). Arnold and the gang would find a cure for the sickness thus waking his parents up, finishing off the movie with a cheery ending with his parents returning home.

During the airing of the film after commercial breaks, creator of Hey Arnold, Craig Bartlett, would speak on the creation of several characters of the show, including Arnold’s teacher Mr. Simmons who he revealed was homosexual.

Bartlett would state, “I’m going to set the record straight about some fan theories about Mr. Simmons. In Arnold’s Thanksgiving Helga and Arnold meet Mr. Simmons family and friends. A lot of the audience assumed he’s gay – well, guess what Peter is Mr. Simmons partner. And in Hey Arnold: The Jungle Movie Mr. Simmons will say goodbye to Peter and say hello to his biggest adventure yet, keeping up with PS 118 in the wild.”

Check out the clip below: