Is Post Malone a Culture Vulture?


Austin Richard “Post Malone” Post, said last year that he wanted to “start” doing country music (which is okay to do), but he was doing other weird type of music before he started the hip-hop genre (most people don’t know this). Before he called himself the “White R. Kelly or Iverson.” Before all of this hyping up of himself in this black cultured limelight he has because of hip-hop, he was a techno singing, booty shorts wearing white guy.

He was the Bob Dylan singing, guitar playing, American shirt wearing guy you see here.

When he was on The Breakfast Club last year, he told them that he doesn’t care what people say about him saying he wants to do country music, then says “I got this!” *Raises 24oz can of Bud Light and laughs* and claims he is a “functioning alcoholic,” after Charlemagne told him to not become an alcoholic. This means that he will say what he wants without care.

Charlemagne Tha God loves to bring the real “you” out by how he asks the questions and what he asks. He asked “What type of artist do you consider yourself?” Post replies with, “I’m just an artist!” But Charlemagne didn’t ask that, he asked what “type” of artist. There’s a reason he asked that, specifically. He asked him another question. “What are you doing for the Black Lives Matter movement?” Post responds with “I guess what I can do for Black Lives Matter is to keep making music, ya know? You know what I mean, I mean, I don’t know… I don’t know.”

Post said in the interview that “everybody is so opinionated, everybody is right,” on the topic of politics, saying he will get “skewered” if he said anything, so he’s just out. Angela Yee, reiterates what he said a couple of minutes ago and says “but you don’t care what people say, you have that” *Points at his beer* He’s all like “yeah, you know, but to an extent, to an extent!”

DJ Envy asks him “So if Trump asked you to perform at his inauguration, would you do it?” Post replies with “How much money is he paying?” This is the answer you are never suppose to give when it comes to this type of thing, simply because you are putting money over the culture and to overlook everything that has been said and done by him. He said it was a “joke,” but then he tried to justify a reason and defense on why it shouldn’t be a problem.

Post recorded “White Iverson” in 2014, released it on August 14th, 2015. That song blasted him off into the faces of Republic Records, who then signed him his big break into the hip-hop industry.

This is the song that put him on the map and in the faces of black people and the masses. We allow white artists to enter into the hip-hop scene because we expect them to understand the culture, the way of our lives, not just the music. The music doesn’t always give an accurate portrayal of black culture, but if you’re a thinking person and understand the culture, then this shouldn’t be a problem.

Fast-forward to now, 2017. Post made quite a few statements recently on an interview he did in Poland, with NewOnce. Listen to the so-called “outrages” statement he made at the 7:22 mark.

 Post Malone later apologizes and tries to elaborate what he said on the context of Hip-hop music.

On November 27th, 2017, Charlemagne Tha God gave Post Malone the Donkey of the Day. Dragged him through the mud with his own words. One thing he said that stuck with me.

“All I want is for white artists is to be dope and to pay homage. Don’t profit off the culture and disrespect the culture. He did just that.”

So after this whole debacle with Post Malone and the information is here in front of your face – we are left with the main questions.

Is Post Malone really a culture vulture? Or, is he just a regular young white guy that doesn’t understand black culture even though he claims he loves Hip-Hop?

We leave that up to you.

Article written by. Mathis Wellz