Power Fans Birth Conspiracy Theory That Tariq Is Kanan’s Son, Courtney Kemp Responds To Claims

If you’re a big fan of Power we’re sure you’re enjoying the fact that the Starz current hit show has returned for it’s fifth season.

Power is show where you can never guess what’s going to occur next. Though, many fans attempt to take a leap at what might be to come by putting together clues from current and previously aired episodes. Surprise, surprise – a new fan theory has been birthed among Power fans that Kanan (played by 50 Cent) may be the real father of Tariq (played by Michael Rainey Jr.).

The theory was put together by many incidents that occurred throughout the show’s existence including Kanan bonding with Tariq starting at the end of season 3 up until the middle of season 4. Many would even point out that they believe Tasha and Kanan had a relationship together; going all the way back to season 1 when Kanan told Tasha he use to think about her while in jail.

Though, this fan built theory would be an amazing plot twist for Power, the creator of the show, Courtney Kemp, has quickly shut down the claims. She would take to Twitter and state, “Love that people are this invested! This is NOT TRUE AT ALL, but Kanan has always been attracted to Tasha (we get into that next episode!) But can we end this, for real? Tariq and Raina were TWINS. They are Ghost’s kids.”