Producer Polo Boy Shawty Issued A Statement About Lease Prices On Beats

There’s always been a debate between producers on pricing when it come to beats for artist. What’s too cheap? What’s too expensive? Where does the line between the two start and end? Well, Peoria, Illinois producer Polo Boy Shawty most known for producing for artist such as Famous Dex, Trill Sammy, Lil Mouse, & more is giving his opinion and issuing a statement on leasing.

The producer would take to Twitter to tweet out, “The new standard lease price for all producers needs to be a minimum of: $50 by May 1st this will only work if we all do it. #TrustMe” He would continue to tweet encouraging producers to back his statement saying, “Everyone post this on all social media they gone learn we deserve this we all too talented our market gettin cheaper n cheaper but f*ck that.”

Do you agree? Is $50 a good standard price for a lease beat?