Producers Go At Zoey Dollaz Neck After Tweets About Recycling Beats Among Artist

In Hip-Hop the producer community has a very strong presence online among social networks such as TwitterInstagram, & Facebook. Being the core to many of our favorite tracks and hit singles, they’re definitely ones you want to stay on their good side. Free Bandz artist Zoey Dollaz would feel the wrath of the production world after he tweeted about producers recycling beats amongst industry artist.

Dollaz would take to Twitter on November 4th to tweet, “Producers why y’all do this GAY sh*t y’all send a bunch of artists the same beat, some of us be real life friends u know?” Many would respond to the tweet scorning artist for not paying for beats, but wanting exclusive use of the product. Zoey Dollaz has since deleted the tweet from his Twitter page. How do you feel about this situation? Should producers give artist time limit to use a beat before sending it to another artist? Should rappers, even signed artist, just pay for beats up front if they hear something they like? Check out tweets below: