Producers Respond To Suspicions That Migos’ “T-Shirt” Was Sampled From Dem Franchize Boyz “White Tee”


Yep! In my white tee! I’m sure you remember that catchy 2004 Summer hit from Atlanta’s Dem Franchize Boyz self titled debut album. Well, the track is the center of attention once again after a video surfaced that lead to suspicions that Migos’ follow up single to Bad & Boujee titled T-Shirt sampled the legendary Atlanta club banger. In the video a DJ by the name of DJ TGIF transitions from the throw back hit into Migos’ new age track T-Shirt which caused serious talk and debate online.

Though, now producers of the track Nard & B have took to Twitter to respond to the claim. They would tweet out, “Though we would like to take credit for the genius.. Migos “T-Shirt” does **(not)** contain or reference any sample.” They would follow this tweet up with, “We did **(not)** sample “White Tee”.. or any song for that matter. All vibe #TrenchWerk.”

Check out the video along with reactions below: