Punch Drunk, Intoxicated, Or Both? Video Surfaces Of A ‘Woozy’ Hell Rell On The Ground

A video surfaced that has left fans scratching their heads. In the short clip former Dipset member Hell Rell is on the ground looking dazed and woozy outside of an unnamed building.

Though, there is no footage of an altercation prior to the clip of Ruga Rell on the ground the Instagram user who posted the video caption would read, “Its gonna be a cold winter, this what happens to any n*gga that go against the squad, not playing games with these suckers. Time to apply pressure.”

Outside of being punched – many suspect that the rapper could’ve had one too many alcoholic beverages and perhaps been drunk. Besides comments online insinuating so, there is no actual confirmation that Hell Rell was physically knocked out.

Back in August after being musically missing in action, Hell Rell dropped off a banger titled Followed By The Feds.

Check out the clip below: