Quincy Jones Revealed Richard Pryor Was Bisexual, Who Killed John F Kennedy, & More

Quincy Jones has been spilling all the beans lately, first breaking the internet when he revealed he had 22 girlfriends. Now in a new interview with Vulture the 84-year-old producer is giving to the world a whole new box of information.

In the interview Jones would reveal Richard Pryor was bisexual, saying that he had sex with Marlon Brando. Pryor’s widowed wife, Jennifer Lee, would come out to the press to confirm that Pryor did indeed have a sexual relationship with Brando. Lee would say that Pryor would have not been ashamed of Jones revealing this information for he was always open about his bisexuality. One of Pryor’s most popular jokes quoted by a Hip-Hop great, Biggie Smalls, actually give light about his sexuality stating a young lady looked so good he would give oral sex to her father.

Jones would also blow minds saying he knew who killed President John F. Kennedy, pointing out Chicago mobster, Sam Giancana as the culprit. He would state that there was a connection between the Mafia, Kennedy, & Frank Sinatra.

Quincy would not stop there giving up information about Michael Jackson saying he stole songs from artist, Hilary Clinton has skeletons in her closet, The Beatles were trash (to him), & much more. He revealed so much information you’ll have to head over to Vulture to read the entire write up.