A Rally Will Take Place Over The ‘Wrongful’ Imprisonment of Meek Mill In Philadelphia

It has been revealed that a rally will take place for the currently incarcerated Philadelphia rapper & Dream Chasers CEO, Meek Mill. Lenny S. over at Roc Nation took to Instagram to announce the rally which will take place in Philadelphia at 5pm.

Meek Mill was sentenced to 2-4 years in prison for violating probation. Though, many have labeled the sentencing harsh and abusive due to both charges that put the rapper in violation of probation being dropped. Details even surfaced after the sentencing of Judge Genece E. Brinkley previously suggesting in a meeting that the Philly rapper give her a shout out in a Boyz II Men On Bended Knee remake, which he would decline to do.

Meek Mill has been on probation for a gun charge in 2008 when he was 19 years of age, he’s now 30. Philadelphia comedian Kevin Hart would take to Meek’s defense posting a video stating, “Just taking a second to speak on my friend Meek Mill’s situation and trying to bring as much attention to it as I possibly can. Asking you guys to go visit JusticeForMeek.com sign the petition, really trying to get this sentence reevaluated. I mean it’s not fair – the guys not perfect. He’s done some things in his past life but he’s been on probation for a large portion of that life and the sentencing he’s getting is stupid. Any time a district of attorney and probation officer says ‘this man does not deserve to go to jail – do not send this man to jail’ and the judge still does it it’s personal.”

Be sure to sign the petition at JusticeForMeek.com and if you’re available around 5 pm in the Philly area, show up to the rally.


Rally For Meek. Monday, Nov 13th. 5pm. Philly PA. #RallyforMeek

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