Ramsay Tha Great Sentenced To 10 Years In Prison For Social Media ‘Pimping’

The Los Angeles producer/rapper known as Ramsay Tha Great was sentenced today to 10 years in prison for pimping women he met through social media networks.

The artist who’s birth name is Brandon Christopher Ramsay pleaded guilty to charges connected to prostituting four Orange County women. According to reports Ramsay made thousands of dollars pimping out the young women. One of the four women, who remains anonymous, revealed that Ramsay made at least $1000 a day. She also stated that once she told the rapper that she didn’t want to prostitute any longer and he threatened her with a hand gun, forcing her to continue to sell her body.

Ramsay would lure young women using his social media ‘popularity’ and after he met them, further pursued them into ‘pimping’. He was busted by Orange County authorities back in February after a sex-for-hire ad was discovered by investigators. He plead guilty to four counts of pimping and pandering, one count of human trafficking, and one count of assault with a firearm.