Ramsey The Great Says Chief Keef & Glo Gang Brutally Beat Him At Gun Point (Video)


Chief Keef announced he would be making his return in 2017 and he sent out a warning to all “booty shaking rappers”. Though, the Glo Gang CEO didn’t warn up & coming producers. Producer Ramsey The Great recently felt the wrath of Sosa, when the Chicago rapper & other Glo Gang members (allegedly) rushed in his house and beat him at gun point.

The producer would take to Instagram with a video from a hospital bed, looking beat and battered, explaining what had occurred. The rapper stated that Chief Keef bomb rushed his house after getting into it with Keef’s former manager Uncle Ro’s wife. Ramsey stated Keef entered his home with other Glo Gang affiliates, with one (allegedly) holding a “Draco”, when they started to beat him.

The producer is looking to take Chief Keef to court for everything he owns, watch the video clip below: