Rapper & Tastemaker, Lil Pooh, Murdered In San Fransisco Drive By Shooting

It was around 2:30 a.m. on Monday (August 6th) when rapper turned southern tastemaker was murdered in a drive by shooting on the San Fransisco-Oakland Bay Bridge driving Eastbound toward Oakland.

It was reported the Dirty Glove Bastard affiliate, born Darryl Stinnette, was with two others riding in a SUV headed to Oakland. A car would ride by releasing gun fire killing Stinnette who was the driver of the car. Shortly after the shooting the SUV would crash into a sedan as the shooter’s car fled from the scene. The man in the sedan, Raul Lopez, would exit his car and attempt to help Stinnette who was injured by the gunfire.

According to San Fransisco Chronicle, Lopez stated, “They were freaking out. One
guy had blood on his face. The guy in the back was wounded. One man was in shock. He wasn’t in his senses.”

One person who was riding in the SUV was released from the hospital and the second person remains in the hospital but is said to be in stable condition.

Many would take to Twitter to pay their respects to Lil Pooh including Biz Markie, Fiend, and Doe Boy. Dirty Glove Bastard would issue a statement via Twitter which read, “Watch over us brother. From now on, we do it all for you, & your legacy!” Our prayers go out to Lil Pooh, his friends & family, and the entire Dirty Glove Bastard staff.

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