The Return Of Brick Squad: Waka Flocka Says “Ferrari Boyz 2” Is Coming Soon

This year Hip-Hop has witnessed the resurgence of many Hip-Hop groups and artist. After a brief public feud between artist Cam’ron & Jim Jones, we witnessed the return of the beloved New York rap group Dipset. The group dropped off a track titled Once Upon A Time and would reveal that they were working on a EP that is set to be released soon. Shortly afterwards Murda Mase would make his way back into the world of rap when he delivered a monstrous diss towards Cam’ron – The Oracle. Eminem is also preparing to give to fans his newest album after a long four year hiatus with Revival, set to release December 15th.

Now Brick Squad fans are rejoicing because we might just see the return of Gucci Mane and Waka Flocka very soon. A fan would take to Twitter to tweet Flocka informing him that they were in need of Ferrari Boyz 2 in which he would simply respond, “Coming.”

The news is very surprising being that the two haven’t exactly been on the same page for quite some time. Gucci Mane stated in a interview on Hot 97 shortly after he was released from jail that he hadn’t talked to Waka Flocka in three years. Flocka would even release a diss track aimed at his former CEO with Was My Dawg.

Perhaps the two have hashed things out behind the scenes and are getting back to work. The original Ferrari Boyz project was released in 2011 and included features from Rocko, 2 Chainz, & 1017 Brick Squad affiliates Wooh Da Kid, Frenchie, Slim Dunkin, Ice Burgundy, & YG Hootie.