The Return Of The Hot Boyz: Turk Grabs Lil Wayne & Kodak Black For ‘F*k How It Turn Out (Remix)’

If you’re a fan of Cash Money taking over for the 99 and the 2000s then you my friend are in for a treat. Turk, Lil Wayne, and Kodak Black may have all have had their differences in the past but they have now all come together for the remix of F*k How It Turn Out (GMX).

After a snippet of the tune surfaced many were excited to hear a 2018 Wayne sounding like 2008 Weezy. “The mac already loaded/The backwood lookin’ loaded/My killers look devoted/My children look supported,” Wayne raps as he rips into the DJ Swift & Dubba-AA-produced track. Turk follows up Wayne’s verse which is followed by a doozy of a verse by Kodak Black.

Listen to F*k How It Turn Out (GMX) below: