Rich Chigga Is No Longer Going By Rich Chigga, Calls Original Name ‘A Mistake’

Indonesian rapper Rich Chigga made his viral debut in February 2016 when he released his most popular tune to date Dat $tick. The infectious track has since gained over 80 million views on YouTube. He would even remix Dat $tick grabbing the likes of Pouya and the legendary Ghostface Killah.

Now the rapper has decided to take his music career in another direction, rebirthing it if you will, starting with a new stage name – Brian. Yes, he’s decided to go by his birth name which is Brian Imanuel. He would take to Twitter to reveal the news to fans stating, “Yes I now go by “Brian”. I have been planning to do this forever and I’m so happy to finally do it. I was naïve & I made a mistake. New year, new beginning, happy new years.”

He’s released his first track titled See Me since changing his artist name and it can be streamed below. His debut project Amen will release on February 2nd.