Rick Ross’ Long Time Manager, Black Bo, Dead At 56

The Biggest Boss of them all, Rick Ross, long time manager Black Bo, passed away at the age of 56. There are no details at the moment on the passing of Ross’ associate though, many took to Instagram to speak their peace including French Montana, Wale, Rockie Fresh, Fat Trel, Tracy T, & more. Rick Ross would break the news on Bo passing away to a crowd in Miami stating, “This is an extremely sexy party. I know my dog Black would’ve loved to be here. Come on let me rap for my dog Black one time.”

As the tears begin to chase each other down my face .. I️ try to combat the sadness of this new reality with the indelible memories u gave us. It still doesn’t seem real.. it can’t be real! WHY is it real? Absolutely None of us have to try to think of the selflessness the genuine compassion and absolute loyalty for your friends you demonstrated daily.. no sir, because those things are synonymous with your face. Those things are synonymous with your name. Those things… synonymous wit the very thought of you comrade . My heart hurts so much . I’m wondering if I’ll ever need it again .. The world ,the label ..,shit EVERYBODY knows I’m a mess . I’m flawed I’m flawed I’m flawed and maybe I️ don’t even belong . Maybe I️ never did. BUT because of you ,the insecurities and self doubt became as insignificant As these tears in a hurricane. At this very moment I’m writing off instinct . The pain the sorrow the mourning is inevitable. But I️ could take 14 forevers and still never find the words that illustrate how much we love you . How much I️ love you .how much I️ need you. Your wisdom , composure an ear to listen a shoulder to cry on all things we foolishly tend to take for granted . May God be with your family and friends . I️ Love u OG .. you will forever be in our hearts. And I️ will cherish every piece of advice you gave 🙏🏾Black 🙏🏾

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The tears won’t stop my nigga! I was just with you a few hours prior!! Hit me cuz! I’m waiting on you to hit me and tell me we crazy! You my big cousin but i only knew you as my big brother! You kept me with you even as a shorty! I would always ask to ride with you and you would tell me hop in! You was tough on me with this music shit and I know it was only cause you loved me and wanted me to win! Everybody in the family looking to me for answers so ima step up for grandma, @mtl_murch x @original_dollbaby x @__therealbrat and the family like you would have!! This shit left field and I don’t understand why!! You just was invincible to me! I just knew you was going to be a grandpa with a grey beard, old as fuck and still talking shit and tough on me! We grew up, ate and slept under the same roof!! You took a piece of me with you cuz! I LOVE YOU!!! @blackbomaybach

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