Rumors Surface That Popular “Chicago World News” Youtuber Was Shot In Chicago

Today rumors surfaced online that popular Youtuber & blogger known as Chicago World News was shot 5 times in Chicago. The blogger is known for reporting on infamous murders, gang affiliations, & rap beef within Chicago. Similar to Vlad TV he tends to stay behind the scenes and you rarely see his face, though, in March of 2017 he was finally revealed to the world, he would shortly afterwards start showing his face on his platform.

The rumor of the shooting was started by another popular Chicago blog known as Rap Catch Up who would take to Twitter and make the announcement. Although, the shooting can’t be confirmed at the moment it has become a hot topic within the Chicago Twitter community, many are even chalking up the alleged shooting to exposing things that occur in the streets of Chicago.

Everything associated within Chicago World News from his Youtube channel to Instagram to Twitter page has been deleted. Stay tuned for more information on this situation and much more on

Check out tweets from Twitter users below: