SahBabii Disses Offset After Statement About “Upside Down Crosses”: “I Will Beat Yo Ass! F*ck Migos!”

The upside down cross has been a popular symbol lately worn on various rappers including Lil Uzi Vert who sported a upside down cross charm on his chain at the Billboard Music Awards. Though, the symbol was first popularized by Pull Up With Ah Stick rapper SahBabii who has the symbol tattooed in the middle of his forehead.

Offset would make a statement about the rising popularity about the upside down crosses stating, “All yall n*ggas wearing upside down crosses man – even my little potnas man. Stop that shit boy you look lame. All that worship the devil sh*t get with God man.”

SahBabii would respond on Instagram with a few post that are currently deleted. He would post a screenshot of Offset’s video stating, “Nigga You Look Lame F*ck You Talm Boud My Cross Gon Stay Upside Down Y’all N*ggas Donate $1,000 to Washington But Will Throw $10,000 in a Club I Will Beat Yo Ass.” He would continue in another post stating, “Show These Niggas Respect Now F*ck Migos!! We Ain’t Going For No Disrespect Nobody Asked This Lame Ass N*gga Opinion.”

Check out the video clip along with images of the IG post below:

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