San Antonio Rapper Chris P of Ape Gang, Known For Snatching 22 Savage’s Chain, Murdered On Highway

It was in May of 2017 when Funny Mike known by his other stage name at the time 22 Savage had a show in San Antonio, Texas. During the show the Baton Rouge rapper was pulled off stage by San Antonio goons and had his chain taken from him. The man behind the chain snatching would later be revealed to be Ape Gang‘s Chris P aka Chris Polk. He would shortly afterwards start to gain popularity and pick up a buzz online. The 25-year-old rapper would even do an interview with Say Cheese TV and declare the city of San Antonio a ‘No Fly Zone’.

Fast forward to February 24th of 2018 – Chris P had a performance at a very popular club on the Northwest Side of San Antonio. Following his performance he would be murdered by an unknown assailant while driving on Loop 410.

According to San Antonio policeman two males, including Christopher Polk, left the Ice Lounge around 2 a.m. on Saturday. Assailants are said to have gotten away in a silver SUV. Suspects are currently at large.