Second Witness Recants Testimony That C Murder Committed Nightclub Murder

It was six days ago when a witness in C Murder’s 2002 murder trial recanted his original testimony. Kenneth Jordan claims that detectives and prosecutors forced him into making false statements to get a conviction on the New Orleans rapper.

Now heads are spinning as a second witness in the 2002 murder trial is doing the same as Kenneth Jordan and recanting their statement. The second witness goes by the name Darnell Jordan. The man sent a handwritten letter to the 24th Judicial District Court on Monday (July 2nd) claiming that Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office tricked him into naming C Murder as the shooter.

“I am certain that Corey Miller did not shoot Steve Thomas,” Jordan would state in the letter. According to Jordan his testimony was based on a piece of paper handed to him by a Detective Donald Clogher.

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